Est. 2001      ASSBA registered Flock no. 2101

We run a small flock of 30 Breeding Ewes, and sell 5 to 10 rams annually.

We also sell excess ewe lambs each year.

IMG_1059 copy
2016 drop Suffolk sired, sucker lambs. Estimated dressing weight at 4 months, 24kg

Kurraview Suffolk Sire

Current Stud Sire – NobleLee 1320-20


Kurraview Suffolk Stud was established in 2001 (Flock no. 2101), with 1 Ram & 11 Ewes purchased from Tom Bull ‘Sonning’ Stud NSW.

In 2015 Kurraview Suffolk’s won the Grand Champion Hoof and Hook entry at Dubbo Show, with a pen of 6 Suffolk Sired lambs.