White Suffolks

     Est. 1986         AWSA registered Flock no. 44

We run a flock of 250 Breeding White Suffolk ewes, selling 120 – 140 rams annually.


  • Over 30 years of breeding White Suffolks (one of the oldest studs in NSW. Est 1986)
  • Clean points, Head & Legs
  • Bright, White Downs Wool, (Lambs skins stay fresher for longer)
  • Naturally High Fertility
  • Paddock raised for a Paddock life
  • Quiet, easy going temperament
  • Early maturing
  • Lambs for all markets, Suckers to Heavy Exports
  • Ideal for breeding 1st cross ewes
  • Ease of lambing
  • Good milking ability
  • Good mothering instincts
  • As a 1st cross ewe, finer & softer fleece

White Suffolk sired sucker lambs, out of White Suffolk cross Merino ewes


The Kurraview Stud was first established in 1977 as a Poll Dorset Stud. We were attracted to the White Suffolk for its clean points, face and legs.

In 1986, a 50% Suffolk, 50% Poll Dorset Ram was purchased from John Treasure ‘Elouera’ White Suffolk Stud, (Flock no. 6). This Ram was put over selected Poll Dorset ewes from the Kurraview Stud. Their offspring, being 25% Suffolk. In 1988 a Pure Suffolk Ram was brought from ‘Allendale’ Stud SA. This ram was put over the 25% Suffolk ewes plus selected, quality pure Poll Dorset ewes. This was the start of our White Suffolk Stud. The aim was to get white sheep with a high percentage of Suffolk blood, and from there on we have been selecting and breeding from the Rams and Ewes showing true, original  White Suffolk characteristics. Breeding the White Suffolk.  A SUFFOLK that is WHITE.